Medical Inadmissibility and How You May be Able to Visit the United States

U.S. immigration law deems individuals with certain medical conditions and substance dependency as “medically inadmissible” and will not allow them to enter the country. The government classifies these conditions and dependencies as “Class A” medical conditions. Class A medical conditions include:

A current physical or mental disorder with associated harmful behavior;

A past physical or mental disorder with associated harmful behavior if the harmful behavior is likely to recur or lead to other harmful behavior in the future; and
Drug or alcohol abuse or addiction.
Individuals with currently any of the above conditions can apply for what is called a “Humanitarian Parole” so they can enter the US for treatment or rehabilitation. However, individuals who had any of these conditions but have been cured or rehabilitated for at least one year, can apply for what is called “Medical Clearance” whereby their record is cleared and they will, once again, become admissible to the US.

Q: I used to have a problem with drugs and alcohol. Am I medically inadmissible?

If you had a mental condition, drug or alcohol problems in the past, and have been in remission for 12 months or longer, you may be eligible for “medical clearance” which will allow you to overcome your inadmissibility and enter the U.S. without any issues.. Medical clearance requires presenting evidence of your rehabilitation to a doctor, also called “Panel Physician”, designated specifically by the US government. If after examining the evidence and interviewing you, the Panel Physician believes your mental condition and drug or alcohol dependency have been in remission for at least a year, he or she will classify you as a “Class B” medical condition and will recommend to the Government that you have been in remission for at least a year and therefore are not medically inadmissible. .

Q: How can you help me receive medical clearance?

We will prepare a complete medical clearance package which we will send to the nearest Panel Physician in your geographical area. The package will include your medical records and reference letters from your treating doctors. We will work with your doctors and help them prepare reference letters that include all the information the Panel Physician will need to conclude you have a Class B medical condition. After the Panel Physician sends his Class B recommendation to the U.S. Government, we can accompany you to the U.S./Canadian border where your record will be cleared based on your new “Class B” medical classification, and you become once again admissible to the US.

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