Opening doors. Bringing families together.

No one wants to see families needlessly kept apart. In fact, marrying a U.S. citizen should provide a direct path to a green card, but U.S. immigration laws can make it a slow and frustrating journey. When things don’t go smoothly, you need the help of experienced immigration lawyers who will be caring, passionate advocates until your matter is resolved.

Borders can sometimes divide families.

The work we do helps unite them.

Serotte Law helps connect families in family immigration and visa matters. We pride ourselves in helping couples and families to quickly become established so that they can build exciting lives together in the U.S.

We also know that families come in all shapes, sizes and configurations. Whether you are looking to bring a fiancé(e), spouse (including a same-sex partner), child, parent or sibling to the U.S., applying for a family-based green card can be an overwhelming process.

You can always count on your team at Serotte Law to bring you updates and any legal changes affecting your case now or in the future. You can check the status of your family visa case by getting in touch with any of us via phone or email.

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With offices in Buffalo, New York, Silicon Valley and Toronto, Serotte Law is strategically located to support employers who want to live and prosper in the U.S. Our experienced team has seen it all when working to keep people in the country. We focus on making it happen for our clients so you can focus on what you came to this country to do, grow your business.