Border Issues

Denied entry to the U.S? Let us work to get you in.

Border agents have a tough job trying to protect the U.S. at all ports of entry, and they take that responsibility seriously. But sometimes, people are deemed inadmissible when they really should be let in. Whether coming to the U.S. for personal or business purposes, we know the result can range from sheer frustration to heartbreak.


Consider the following situations:

  • “I have entered the U.S. many times for business trips, but Customs and Border Protection (CBP) just refused me.”
  • “I have an old criminal conviction in Canada, and have a pardon, but CBP still denied me entry.”
  • “I was just deported from the U.S. for five years even though I was simply going to visit!”

If this sounds like you, it is likely you had a bad experience at the U.S. border. Serotte Law has worked with thousands of individuals and families to resolve legitimate border issues. Strictly adhering to U.S. legal code, our experienced team can quickly size up the situation and get to work to resolve the matter, and if necessary, attain a waiver.

We also work closely with Canadian law firms to resolve your situation before they plead a case. Our special counsel, James Grable has extensive experience ranging from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the former U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).

Let us help straighten out your situation

If you were denied entry, chances are it was for one of the following reasons:

  1. You presented insufficient documentation to convince the CBP Officer that you have permission to enter or a legitimate reason for him to decide to let you in;
  2. You gave an implausible reason for entry—the officer felt you were lying about something or your story just didn’t add up (very common if the officer thinks you are coming to work in the U.S. without authorization); or
  3. You said something to make the officer think you have “immigrant intent.” Immigrant intent means you are going to enter the U.S. and not leave when you are supposed to.
In these scenarios, the burden is on you to convince the officer of your eligibility. If the officer isn’t convinced, you don’t get in.

With compassion and a firm commitment to troubleshoot your case, you can count on our focused team of professionals to help unravel the situation and get you on a path for entry to the U.S.

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